Recovery Red Exchange Program


Get 1L of a high-quality red wine blend and exchange over and over.  We exchange empty bottles for clean, full ones. 

Current pricing is $30 for your first bottle and...    $20 with an exchange.



What do you do when you buy a Recovery Red bottle?


1.) Finish the wine!

2.) Add a tiny bit of dish soap (just a drop!)

3.) Fill bottle with hot water, close the bail top, and shake for a few seconds.

4.) Open bail top and rinse until all the soap suds are gone, usually at least 3-5 times. 

5.) VERY IMPORTANT : Invert bottle and let dry. Do not reseal! Microbes can't grow without moisture. 

6.) Return to Prosser or Richland Farmers' Market, Bonnie's Vine And Gift, The Barn (Prosser), Cheese Louise (Richland), Stems (Yakima) and have the empty bottle exchanged for a filled one!



Note: Do not do any extra cleaning with bleach, citric acid, ammonia, or any household cleaners (they may leave an undesirable flavor). Daven Lore Winery will sanitize the bottle with a food grade sanitizer prior to filling.